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We are a small workshop based in London, England, aimed at designing and producing high quality furniture mainly for cats. After several attempts to find a suitable habitat for our own cat, that would satisfy not only his enormous demands but ours too, we decided to make everything by ourselves and after a few months of experimenting with different materials and shapes we finally came up with the model that is both attractive and functional, thing that is very rare in modern design in general (discuss:). After a long period of testing on various "specimens" we've decided to make this product available to other like-minded people who are bored with standard mass-produced objects. Currently known as a "Crash Pad" it is available for sale at the trendy "Lik+Neon" shop in Shoreditch, London. And since they are very proud owners of several cats, you can see our pod in full action and admire the friendly vibe of the shop. Alternatively, you can order it directly from us. Apart from carefully crafting furniture for cats, we occupy ourselves in other activities, such as graphic art, painting, sculpture, installations, music e.t.c. So watch this space!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cat House Designed by the Office of Frank Lloyd Wright

Have a look at this amazing cat house found on a pages of, our favourite resource for all things cats+design. Here's what they say:

It’s a vintage cat house designed by the office of none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. This piece was designed for the daughter of Gerald Tonkens, for whom Frank Lloyd Wright designed a residence in Amberley Village, Ohio in 1955.
The original drawing of the cat house, ‘Felis Catus’, was completed by Thomas Olson, the site supervisor for the project. Apparently, Mr. Wright described the design to Mr. Olson over the phone, which is why the design is credited to the Office of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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