Crash Pad!

Crash Pad!

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We are a small workshop based in London, England, aimed at designing and producing high quality furniture mainly for cats. After several attempts to find a suitable habitat for our own cat, that would satisfy not only his enormous demands but ours too, we decided to make everything by ourselves and after a few months of experimenting with different materials and shapes we finally came up with the model that is both attractive and functional, thing that is very rare in modern design in general (discuss:). After a long period of testing on various "specimens" we've decided to make this product available to other like-minded people who are bored with standard mass-produced objects. Currently known as a "Crash Pad" it is available for sale at the trendy "Lik+Neon" shop in Shoreditch, London. And since they are very proud owners of several cats, you can see our pod in full action and admire the friendly vibe of the shop. Alternatively, you can order it directly from us. Apart from carefully crafting furniture for cats, we occupy ourselves in other activities, such as graphic art, painting, sculpture, installations, music e.t.c. So watch this space!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sunny days (goodbye summer)

This is probably the last day of decent English weather and we didn't want to waste our time. Cameras loaded, cat is ready for action and some of our products are out on a streets of London.
Ready, steady, go!

Welcome to Hackney!

We recently moved our premises to trendy part of Hackney, and this is what greeted us through the window. A ferocious looking cat asking for fresh meat and some blood...
The truth is always not as sinister as it looks, her name is Mandoo and she is 17 years old cat looking for a company and a friendly chat. We gave her some honey roasted ham and we are friends forever. Never judge a cat by its looks...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

An absolute must for lovers of cats and black and white photography, a book by Tony Mendosa "Ernie: A Photographer's Memoir" that was first published by a small Santa Barbara press in 1985. By all accounts it remains the best book on the life of an individual cat and it is still a bestseller.

Swiss-style poster Generator. Restrained Randomness...

We can't get enough of playing with instant Swiss-style poster generator by Californian graphic designer Ben DuVall and his brother Clark DuVall. It allows you to create good looking posters with little or no effort and no poster looks the same. So much fun!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

New business cards have arrived!

A new range of shiny business cards have arrived to our "research facility".
Not much of a news but we are very excited.  Maybe it's down to amazing weather that settled in London lately, hopefully for a while.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Charity works! From our minds to yours with love :)

We've just participated in the annual charity ball in Oregon/USA with our special product to benefit the work of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

Charity is good and we are keen of providing the same services to like-minded organizations and people who are interested in making lives of cats and other animals better.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

D&AD Professional Awards 2012...

This years winner in branding category is a "John st." agency.  We like their strategy a lot!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kamakura house and Maru

As being huge fans of the "Maru the Cat" from Japan, we've spotted another uplifting video from his owners. Apart from usual cute antiques courtesy of the Maru, it features a well-designed cat house made in the best minimalist traditions of Japanese craftsmen, nothing more, nothing less. It appears to be made of corrugated cardboard but looks solid enough to withstand an attack from Maru.  And if you can read Japanese, here's their website.

Our only criticism would be the size of the pod, it could have been a wee bit bigger, which is clearly visible on the video...  But who we are to know what cat wants!

Origato  =^.^=

Spot the Cat

Here, at Cats & Pods research facility, we were inspired by our recent outing to the Tate Modern gallery and created a new visual identity for one of our pods.  Totally nocturnal polka-dot version in extremely limited edition.
As usual testing of the unit was conducted by our certified quality inspector Lucas who blended really well into the new colour scheme.  Seal of approval granted with subsequent after-work nap.  Good job Luka and Cats & Pods team!